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Like any great story there is always a beginning, which goes a little something like this... Once upon a time there was a girl named, Jenni, who loved her mama's noodles. And Jenni's Mama rocked noodles, for eight hungry tiny noodle maniacs. As the noodle maniacs grew, a "Lucky Star" began to emerge among the brood, Jenni. What would the future hold for this young "Ray of Light"? If you hadn't guessed, Jenni is a Madonna-maniac too. As Jenni sat in her room listening to Madge, she dreamed of a future of noodles.

Many years later...

One summer afternoon, as Jenni was working her usual shift at Ohio Grange, a boy named Scott yelled out "Who's That Girl?". Jenni turned around and looked over at that man and sang out I think I could be "Crazy for You", call me sometime. Scott did call and so it goes, "Dress You Up" and the two were wed. And the noodle future was not far away, for the very next year the first Jenni's Noodle House opened at 2130 Jefferson. The recipes and menu was composed of the recipies Mama Tran passed down to her "Candy Perfume Girl" and Jenni's added a little spice from her travels around the globe and the rest as they say is history. In case you hadn't noticed, Jenni thinks in Madonna songs.

Gamera, Disco Dumpling Thief and Super Logan Love Jenni's because Noodles Rule!



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