CITY BEAT - 11/18/2002
News from the food and drink front

What started out as a way to bring people into the restaurant has turned into quite a fundraising machine for Jenni's Noodle House.

Owner Jenni Tran-Weaver asks one of the restaurant's customers to be a celebrity waiter or waitress every Saturday evening, and the winner chooses a charity or organization to receive a portion of all the evening's tips.

"It's the celebrities' job to ask, e-mail and call everyone they know or have ever met to come out and watch them wait tables and tip huge," says Tran-Weaver. "The response and success of the evening has been fantastic."

"Celebrity customer" Joan Schwartz recently raised over $6,000 for the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in honor of her late husband Stefan Schwartz.

Schwartz was so successful as celebrity waitress that the third Saturday in September will now be known as "Joan's Noodle House." –Allison Wollam


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