Restaurant Review: Jenni's Noodle House

By Judy Le in Eat on the Cheap
Copyright 2007 Houstonist
July 17, 2007

There are some restaurants we go to because we love the food and others because we like the décor and atmosphere. Jenni's Noodle House is neither but we love going here because we like how it makes us feel. This popular downtown lunch hot spot is quirky and personable. Devoted patrons almost seem to carry a badge of honor after a meal at Jenni's. Owners Scott and Jenni imprint their personality throughout their humble restaurant. There are pictures of their son all over the place...good thing he's stinkin adorable. Big Scott greets everyone as they come in, usually wearing his standard uniform of Hawaiian shirt and shorts. Patrons order at the counter, grab their chopsticks and napkins (next to a sign that encourages everyone to only take what is needed in an effort to save the environment), and seat themselves in one of many bland cafeteria-style tables. Watch what you say because you might get quoted on their website. Some memorable quotes include: “This is my eighth internet date this week" and "Did Madonna really eat here?" And yes, a handful of celebrities have been spotted at this unassuming eatery.

The menu is a vegetarian's dream... but meat-lovers are also welcomed without judgment. The menu is a bit bipolar with dishes named Buddha Soba and Angry Udon, Good Karma Noodles and Stir Me Crazy. We've experienced a number of dishes here, and you can't necessarily go wrong with any of them as long as you don’t expect too much. Jenni’s might be considered amazing Asian food if it were located in most any other city, but the competition is tough in Houston. The broth on most of the soups lacks depth and we find it necessary to add a bit of soy, seasoning or chili to most all of our dishes. However, the food is always fresh, Scott is always friendly and dishes are under $10. Even if your vermicelli noodles aren’t the best you've ever had, Scott's farewell, "See ya layta, playa'" is sure to keep you smiling all the way back to work.

Call 713-523-7600 for more information.


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