Disco Dumplings 4|6
choose 2 | 5 count -chicken | pork | veggies –
crispy | steamed

Vietnamese Eggrolls 4|7
choose 2 | 5 count – pork&shrimp | veggies

Steamed Edamame 5
dusted with salt or tossed with chili oil

Crispy Tofu 5
perfect crispy tofu with ginger-jalapeno soy

Spring Rolls 6
choose shrimp | tofu | chicken wrapped in rice paper with vermicelli, mint, lettuce

Vermicelli 15

vermicelli, lettuce, sprouts, pickled carrots, roasted peanuts, house sauce

fresh tofu, vegetable medley, (sub) buckwheat noodles

Salt & Peppery
choose crispy tofu | six jumbo shrimp (+4) perfectly seared with green onions

Gingery Spice
choose chicken | tofu and minced fresh ginger, onions, jalapenos, protein

Lemongrass Love
choose chicken | beef and minced lemongrass, onions, protein

choose pork&shrimp | veggie eggrolls

Rockin’ Veggies
broccoli, bamboo, onions, peas, carrots, mushroom, sprouts

Noodles & More

Infernal Chicken Curry 15
chicken tenders, potato, curry, basil, jasmine rice (add four jumbo shrimp +6)

U-don Know Me 16
choose tofu | chicken, udon noodles, peanut sauce

Ginger Bowl 15
choose tofu | chicken, minced ginger, white onions over jasmine rice

Scotty Steak 17
cubed tenderloin green leaf, tomatoes, peppery vinaigrette, side rice

Art Car Curry 15
vegan dreaming curry, tofu, carrots, potato, basil with jasmine rice

Shrimply Curry 17
udon noodle, three jumbo shrimp, broccoli carrots, curry base

Bulgolgi Bowl 15
marinated thinly sliced beef, pickled cabbage, green onions, over jasmine rice

Super Duper 17
chicken, two jumbo shrimp, mushroom, carrots, bamboo, peas, sprouts, onion

Stir Me Crazy 16
choose chicken | beef | tofu | veggies, rice noodles, peas, sprouts, bamboo in light brown sauce

Super 15
choose chicken | crispy tofu | beef | six jumbo shrimp (+4), sprouts, white and green onions

Salt & Pepper Tofu 15
crispy tofu seared with S&P, green onions over jasmine rice (sub six jumbo shrimp +4)

Buddha Soba 15
buckwheat noodles, mushroom, sprouts, bamboo (add four jumbo shrimp +6)


Wonton 13
six pork&shrimp filled wontons, sliced pork, green leaf, sprouts, green onion

Chili Oil Beef Udon 15
udon, sliced beef, chicken broth, peas, sprouts, green onions

Angry Udon 15
tamarind broth, udon, fresh tofu, mushroom, tomatoes, cilantro

Pho 13
choose sliced beef | chicken, rice noodles, onion, basil

Pho Combo 16
combo sliced beef, briskey & meatballs

Miso 15
clear japanese miso, shiitake, peas, sprouts, green onions, side rice

Spicy Thai Shrimp 17
tamarind broth, four jumbo shrimp, grape tomatoes, mushroom, side rice

Tonkotsu Ramen 17
rich pork broth, somen noodles, bamboo, soft egg, sliced pork, fried garlic, green onions

Chicken 13
jasmine rice, pulled chicken breast, peas, carrots, cilantro

Coconut Milk 15
tamarind lemongrass broth, coconut milk, fresh tofu, mushroom, basil, side rice

Lil’ Logan 8

Super Logan
easy peasy chicken fried rice

JJ Slippery Noodles
wide noodles, chicken, soy

Flood 4 Eggrolls
choose two pork&shrimp | veggie eggrolls, vermicelli, pickled carrots, soy

Meeso Megan
clear miso soup, snow peas, fresh tofu

Simply Birdy
choose chicken | tofu, pickled carrots, rice

Teaser Wonton
three wontons, pork broth, green onions

Uptown Lauren
wide noodles, broccoli, carrots, soy